Supply-Chain Resiliency:

Lessons Learned from the Crisis in Japan



Supply-Chain Resiliency: Lessons Learned from the Crisis in Japan Webinar


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About William Michels

Bill Michels

William Michels is CEO of ADR North America LLC, an award-winning consulting firm that focuses on purchasing. An expert in strategic purchasing, cost and change management, Michels is a sought-after speaker on supply-chain transformation. He has held senior management positions at SCM Corporation, Smith Corona Typewriters, Durkee Famous Foods, Boise Cascade, Campbell Soup Company and Vlasic Foods. Michels is an alumnus of the Rochester Institute of Technology and Baldwin Wallace College. He holds a lifetime C.P.S.M. from the Institute for Supply Management.


About David Landsman

David Landsman

David Landsman is the Director of Strategic Alliances at Since joining the company in 2005, Landsman founded and built the Sourcing, Engineering and Global Quality Assurance groups. With a decade of experience in domestic and low-cost country sourcing, Landsman has managed thousands of e-sourcing events. Prior to joining, he was Strategic Sourcing Advisor to the Tier 1 automotive practice at First Index.